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E.Y, age 11, Juvenile Detention Center, Houston, Texas

E.Y, age 11, Juvenile Detention Center, Houston, Texas

“I’ve been here for two weeks, and this is my third time in. I’m in the sixth grade. I was in placement but I ran away.”

The Graffiti Project

Is it art or vandalism? You decide.

Piedmont Park - Atlanta, Ga.

Saturday in the Park: Conversations with Kids

On a warm summer afternoon JJIE took to the city’s parks in search of a slice of modern day Americana – What is it like to be growing up in this country today? What are the thoughts, views and frustrations faced by the average teen? What emotions lay behind the sometimes callous facade of our […]

Jumping Rock - Chattahoochee River - Atlanta, Ga.

The Sights and Sounds of the Jumping Rock

As summer winds down, kids are looking for those last-minute thrills and good times. At one popular spot along the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, Ga., they go swimming and tubing and, if they work up the nerve, jump off a big rock.

Kirk’s Journey From Malt Liquor to a Loving Place

As a tot, Kirk says, he would wander the aftermath of his mother’s liquor-drenched parties, sipping the remains of the diluted and strange-smelling drinks. By elementary school, he had developed a taste and not long after, found himself regularly fighting through hangovers. READ MORE AT JJIE.ORG > >