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Still I Ride: A Young Photographer Documents Her Daily Commute

Text by Katy McCarthy / Photos by Kymeira Stewart with Silicon Valley De-Bug

Every school day, Kymeira Stewart commutes two hours to school — four hours round trip. The 14- going on 15-year-old wakes up every day in her south San Jose, Calif., home at 5 a.m. to ensure ample time to walk 30 minutes to the bus stop, wait 15 minutes for the bus, ride the bus for 45 minutes and light rail and walk 30 minutes to the college prep school she attends in downtown San Jose. She doesn’t arrive home each day until after 7 or 8 p.m. Recently, Kymeira brought her camera along with her, documenting the journey that marks the beginning and end of her weekdays. The raw, gritty photos show the transition from the softness of sunrise to the grind of buses and city hustle. Shot in black and white, the nostalgia factor fades into a sense of the exhaustive repetition of the epic commute. About the series, she says, “I just wanted to tell people how far I travel, to share it with the world, to give out information that there is a struggle, I struggle, it’s what goes on in life.”

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