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‘Shell Shocked’ Documents Violence in New Orleans

Neighbors say this house has been vacant since a murder took place in the home before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005.

Graffiti remains after a cop's arrest for the shooting of Wendell Allen, an unarmed 20 year-old man killed in a botched drug raid in 2012.

Troy, 22, lives in the 7th ward a high-crime neighborhood of New Orleans and says he needs to get out of the city. "I love this city but I'm not ever going to move up because I'm surrounded by so much negativity."

An Anti-violence sign on the side gate of a home in the 7th ward, a New Orleans neighborhood featured in the film "Shell Shocked."

RIP graffiti on a dumpster in the 7th ward, a New Orleans neighborhood featured in the film "Shell Shocked."

St. Ann's Episcopal Church, featured in Shell Shocked for the "murder board". A public display of every murder that has taken place in New Orleans since 2007. The board lists the name, date, age, and method of each murder.

Pastor William Terry of St. Ann's Episcopal Church sands in front of the "murder board" a public display of every murder in New Orleans since 2007. He created this board as a direct result of the violence in New Orleans in hopes of humanizing the vast number of murder victims in the city.

The murder board, which lists every murder in New Orleans since 2007, extends on a piece of paper that is taped on a the wall of the church since the board ran out of space in 2012.

A cop who lives in the neighborhood responds to a shooting in the 7th Ward, a high crime area of New Orleans that is seen in the film "Shell Shocked."

Director John Richie stands on the sidewalk where he filmed the aftermath of a murder in the film "Shell Shocked."

John Richie, director of the film "Shell Shocked," inside Exclusive Tee's, a screen printing shop in New Orleans where they are often asked to print RIP t-shirts.

A tattered sign hangs outside of a corner store in New Orleans.

Text by Ellen Kennerly / Photos by Kara Khan

 It’s easier to get a gun than a textbook in New Orleans, America’s murder capital. ‘Shell-Shocked’ — a movie filled with violence, death and schoolroom chaos — stunned the young Bronx audience in New York. A New Orleans teen pleads “I really do not, do not want to die young! I do no want to stay here because I don’t want to die.”

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